Our team teaches weekly workshops at elementary and middle schools in the Logan area. Below is our current schedule.

Thursdays from 3:45pm to 4:50pm
River Heights Elementary School, River Heights, UT

Not sure what's included in a workshop? Here's what you can expect to see children and adults learning:
  • single rope jumping—both basics and tricks
  • partner jumping and tricks to do together
  • wheel rope—two people jump together partially turning both ropes
  • long rope games and fun
  • double dutch turning, jumping, and trick mastery
  • long, long rope games
To have workshops at your location or for more information on these workshops Contact Patrice.
Our performances include routines and demonstrations from team members that are nationally ranked and train with top world competitors. Skills that you will see include:
  • single rope
  • single rope pairs
  • 2-person wheel rope
  • 3-person wheel rope
  • double dutch singles and pairs
  • long rope group routines
  • many other skills
Our performances amaze crowds of all types! And just when you think you've seen it all, keep watching because you'll see more things you never thought were possible with a jump rope.

We would love to get you and your group jumping for fun and exercise! Contact Patrice today to find out more about pricing of performances and workshops.