The Team
Established in 2003, Just Jumpin' is a competitive jump rope team at the regional and national level. Just Jumpin' has been competing since 2006 and is a nationally ranked and recognized team.

Just Jumpin' Team

Just Jumpin' consists of 22 team members who travel throughout the state of Utah and southern Idaho performing and teaching jump rope techniques to groups and individuals.

We love jump rope and strive to inspire others to also love it. Our Just Jumpin' team members are proficient, expert jumpers and are enthusiastic in teaching jump rope to all ages.

Our current activities include:
  • teaching workshops at River Heights Elementary school
  • teaching a workshop in Park City, UT
  • performing and teaching workshops for physical education students from Utah State University's School of Education
  • performing for school assemblies, businesses, and community parades

Patrice Winn
Patrice Winn is the head coach of Just Jumpin' and President of The Jumpin' Company. She has coached Just Jumpin' for 7 years and has been teaching physical education for 12 years. Patrice's passion with jump rope is to expand the sport throughout the state Utah and beyond to help children become more healthy and physically fit.